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LedgerSMB 1.2.21 release candidate 1 available

This release is a maintenance/bugfix release.  The complete changelog
is as follows:

Changelog for 1.2.21
* Corrected a number of templates with HTML issues (Luke)
* AR/AP Aging Report fixed, ignores payment after report date (Chris T)
* Minor documentation updates (Chris T)
* Fixed bug saving SIC (Adam T)

If you use functionality affected by this release, please download it
and test this out.  The AR/AP aging report in particular has been
substantially changed for the reason that the old behavior was seen to
be both incorrect and unhelpful.  On the off chance that anybody is
affected by this change, we are providing a description of the problem

The old behavior of this report was to take the total owed, regardless
of the date of any payments and project it back from the date of the
report.  This means that if an invoice was issued on October 12, 2008,
and paid on December 15th of that same year, if you ran an aging
report as of November, the invoice would show as paid.

The new behavior actually looks at dates of payments in this report.
So in this case, the report ran as of November 15th would show the
invoice as 30 days old.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers