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1.2.18 beta, hotfix available

LedgerSMB Anouncements:

New beta Out.

LedgerSMB 1.2.18 beta is available for download on the Sourceforge
download site.

The changelog for this release is:

Changelog for 1.2.18
* Corrected httpd configuration bit. (Roderick Anderson)
* COGS fix for return handling (Sadashiva and Chris T)
* Cumulative tax handling fix for Quebec users (Jerome Oufella)

Those who are interested in testing this should download it from
sourceforge and test it.

Hotfix available for COGS/Reversal issue

The Cost of Goods Sold patch is considered a criticial issue because
it affects data calculation in supported workflows.  Anyone who
processes large numbers of returns is urged to install this patch
immediately.  To install, please download the latest LedgerSMB/IS.pm
from branches/1.2.  I am surprised that this issue slipped through
both testing and the long production cycle without being noticed by us
or anyone else, esp. given the attention COGS has received on 1.2.
This bug was reported to us late last week and we have a bug fix
available now.

Effect:  In certain circumstances, COGS adjustments on reversals
(returns, voided invoices) are applied the wrong direction (positive
instead of negative).  This occurs when the reversal is not a short
sale.  In these cases, COGS will be reported high and inventory will
be reported low.  The new IS.pm corrects this issue.

If anyone is worried about the accuracy of their numbers, please
contact me and I will be happy to work with you to verify accuracy
and, if the numbers are not correct, help you get the correct
adjustments in place.