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Critical Update: LedgerSMB 1.2.15

The LedgerSMB Team is proud to release version 1.2.15.  This version
corrects a number of important bugs including two critical security
issues.  We will be releasing a separate security advisory within a

Additionally, several broken areas of the pricematrix logic were
corrected.  Businesses using this portion of the software should spot
check results before putting this release into production.

The complete changelog is:

Changelog for 1.2.15
* Uppercasing some SQL statements (Chris T)
* Fixed for AR allocation corner case (Victor Q, 1881199)
* Fixed for warehouse transfer error (Jeffk, 1877860)
* Fixed error pulling transactions by department (Chris T, 1954974)
* Fixed UTF-8 encoding for Czech COA (Vladamir B, 1906081)
* Fixed upgrade script creating incorrectly named sequence (Chris T, 1987545)
* Corrected POS transactions report (JeffK and Chris T, 2025931)
* Added a max_post_size directive to the ledgersmb.conf (Chris M)
* Fixed Price Matrix logic (Chris T, 1897245)
* Fixed errors in the backported triggers for transaction table (Jeffk, 1928336)
* Corrected corner case on ar_ap_summary_fix_1.2.14.sql (Chris T)