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LedgerSMB 1.2.8 Released

LedgerSMB 1.2.8 has been released.  Among other things, it corrects a number of security and accounting logic issues.  Users are encouraged to upgrade at their earliest convenience.

This release corrects 5 known SQL injection issues. A separate security advisory will be sent to this list discussing these issues.

The changelog detailing ordinary bug fixes is as follows:
Changelog for 1.2.8
* Fix SQL errors saving customer price lists (Chris T, 1754172)
* Fixed AR/AP reversal issues (Victor S, 1752439, 1753358)
* Fixed various scoping errors (Chris T, 1703347, 1753360)
* Fixed: Timecards ignore price matrix (Chris T, 1754099)
* Fixed scoping issues in IS.pm (Chris T, 1754576, 1754579, 1768678)
* Fixed bugs with reversing invoices (Victor S, 1756387, 1755928, 1755355)
* Cause the GL report amount boxes to respect number format (Chrish T, 1754976)
* Corrected cumulative tax display issues (Chris T, 1745757)
* Fixed the display of non-all GL and GIFI reports (Seneca, 1758251)
* Fixed SQL errors in project deletion (Seneca, 1760722)
* Fixed error that caused order to invoice conversion to fail (Seneca)
* Fixed SQL errors in customer search (Chris T, 1761615)
* Fixed SQL errors (Chris T)
* Correct display issues with number format '1.000,00' (Seneca)
* Prevent AR Transaction screen from calculating sales tax (Chris T)
* Populate quantities during purchase order generation (Chris T, 1750895)
* Fixing COGS posts to closed dates when books closed (Chris T, 1753372)
* Fix database errors in processing recurring actions (Seneca, 1773591)
* Keep the closedto date in a known form (Chris T, 1763928, 1755145)
* Fixed memo search bug (Seneca)
* Fixed minor bug in till account selection (Chris T)
* Fixed number formatting in the Inventory Activity report (Seneca)
* Fixed: Add new language error in 1.2.7 (Pongracz I, 1793331)
* Correct display issues with number format '1 000.00' (Seneca, 1795858)
* Fixed minor documentation errors (Seneca)
* Adding more NaN checks to transaction posting (Seneca, 1789169)