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1.2.0-rc5 released, please help us test migrating databases

Hi all;

We have released 1.2.0-rc5, which corrects a number of migration
issues from 1.2.0rc4 and the like.  Those already testing should
upgrade before submitting any bug reports.  THose who are planning on
moving to 1.2.0 when it is released should test their migrations now.

Just for clarification on data access bugs fixed:  Since the early
beta releases, we have not had any known issues regarding data
integrity.  However, because of a large amount of redesign and work on
preventing SQL-injection issues, some queries may unexpectely fail.
If this happens, please file a bug report and we will fix as soon as
possible.   Currently I am using 1.2.0 release candidates in
production, but I would recommend that others test with their
workloads first.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers