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Searchable mailing list web archive

This site hosts the web archive of the LedgerSMB mailing lists. Below there's a facility to use Google's powerful search facility to search specifically the pages in this archive.

The archive is updated in semi-real time, meaning there's usually only a delay of minutes between the time the mail is being sent and the time it's added to the archive.

The archives of these mailing lists are hosted on this site:

Users mailing list
The users mailing list discusses usage, installation and other cases where users can share their experience.
Development mailing list
The mailing list where developers discuss implementation decisions, development progress, prioritization, etc.
Announcement mailing list
The mailing list used for announcements. This mailing list can only be posted to by a limited group.
Commits mailing list
The mailing list where all commit-deltas are being sent to.
Note that after the move to Git & GitHub, commit mails are no longer sent to this mailing list. Watch the project on GitHub to receive activity updates!

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